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Putin: Import substitution Commission work should not be formal

The Commission was created to coordinate the activities on the implementation of the state policy in the field of import substitution

MOSCOW, August 26. /TASS/. The Government Commission on import substitution work should not be formal, the Russian President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday.

"It is necessary that the work of this commission is not formal, it should completely consist of real practical content," Putin said.

The President urged to set more specific objectives. With this he addressed the Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, one of the co-chairmen of the commission.

Dvorkovich reported on the progress in import substitution. He recalled that in the framework of this structure two subcommittees are going to be created — Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin will deal with the military-industrial complex, Arkady Dvorkovich — with the import substitution in commercial field. "These subcommittees will be created before September 1, in the coming days," the Deputy Prime Minister said.

He also said that the first meeting was devoted to import substitution in the agricultural sector. "We began working in this field; the plans were adopted last year. We have achieved some results, but, nevertheless, constant coordination is needed and additional decisions have been taken," Dvorkovich said. "We began work in the defense industry complex about year and a half ago," he added. Overall about 20 plans for different sectors of the economy were adopted. At the same time Dvorkovich noted in some areas the work is more active, and in some cases it only just begun.

The Government Commission on import substitution was created on August 5 to coordinate the activities of federal executive bodies, executive bodies of subjects of the Russian Federation, local governments and organizations on the implementation of the state policy in the field of import substitution.

The Commission consists of two sub-commissions: one on the civilian sectors of the economy and another on the military-industrial complex. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev is the President of the Commission. Deputy Prime Ministers Arkady Dvorkovich and Dmitry Rogozin became his deputies.