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Russian defense sector to be able to do without Ukrainian electronic items

As for the radio-electronic items, it will be not very difficult to substitute them, as Ukraine was supplying mainly old products, developed in the 1980s, Russian Deputy Defense Minister says

KAZAN, September 24. /TASS/. Stoppage of Ukrainian radio-electronic equipment delivery for Russia’s military products will not seriously affect the fulfilment of the state defense order, as Ukraine did not supply many of these items to Russia, Russian Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov said on Thursday.

"The program for the substitution of Ukrainian products is in full swing now. As for the radio-electronic items, I think, it will be not very difficult [to substitute them], as it [Ukraine] was not supplying much to us in this sphere — mainly old products, developed in the 1980s," Borisov said at the 14th conference "Russian Radio-Electronics: New Challenges and Prospects."

"We are facing more serious challenges from the Western countries," the deputy defense minister said. According to him, the country is still "somewhat lagging behind [the West] in radio-electronics," however, the situation has "improved, compared to seven-eight years ago."

"The radio-electronic industry cannot complain that the government pays insufficient attention to it," Borisov said.