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France tests upgraded nuclear-capable ASMPA missile — armed forces minister

Sebastien Lecornu said that the launch "demonstrates their superiority and operational reliability"

PARIS, May 22. /TASS/. France has conducted the first test of an upgraded nuclear-capable ASMPA missile, the Minister of the Armed Forces Sebastien Lecornu has said on his page in the social network X.

"A French Air Force Rafale aircraft has successfully performed the first test launch of an upgraded supersonic nuclear-capable ASMPA missile without an onboard payload," Lecornu said.

The test "specifies the tasks set out in the law on military planning regarding the nuclear deterrent forces."

The minister said that the launch "demonstrates their superiority and operational reliability."

Lecornu specified that the launch was carried out as part of the Durandal exercise, running from May 13 to June 14.

The law on military planning envisages the allocation of 16 billion euros until 2030 to replenish the stockpile of ammunition, 5 billion euros for the purchase of drones, and 5 billion euros for intelligence.