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Lifejackets, barrel and other items found in search area for missing boat in Sea of Japan

There are 21 crew members aboard the missing boat

VLADIVOSTOK, January 25. /TASS/. Two lifejackets, daily waste, a barrel and a hawser reel have been found in the area of search for the missing fishing boat Vostok in the Sea of Japan, a spokesman for the Vladivostok-based sea rescue coordination center told TASS on Thursday.

"The FESKO-Diomid shep of the Far Eastern Steamship Line was the first to reach the search area. It spotted a barrel, a hawser reel, daily waste and two lifejackets in the area where the Vostok’s emergency radio buoy signal was detected. No men were found," the spokesman said.

In the morning on January 25, the local Russian Emergencies Ministry’s crisis management center received information from a captain of the Vladivostok sea rescue coordination center that the Vostok fishing boat’s emergency radio buoy had had gone off some 200 kilometers south of Cape Gamov. According to preliminary data, there are 21 crew members aboard the boat. Attempts to establish radio contact with the boat have been failing.

Along with the FESKO-Diomid, the search operation involves a rescue boat and two Mi-8 helicopters.