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Germany suggests combining French, Russian draft UN resolutions on Syria

Russia and Germany disagree on the creation of a no-fly zone in the Aleppo region

BERLIN, October 10. /TASS/. The German Foreign Ministry proposes to merge the French and Russian draft resolutions of the UN Security Council on Syria to put an end to the fighting around Aleppo, the ministry’s deputy spokesperson Sawsan Chebli said on Monday.

"The issue at hand is to find an opportunity to ‘marry’ the two draft resolutions, to unite them into one that would find support at the UN Security Council, and we would finally be able to put an end to Syria’s inferno," she said.

Speaking about what a compromise version could be like, Chebli said that the German Foreign Ministry has no such solution.

"If I had a ready recipe, there would be no fighting, but there is no such recipe," she explained.

The spokesperson recalled that Russia does not support the creation of a no-fly zone in the Aleppo region, while Germany, on the contrary, believes this is a necessary condition. She added that Berlin had already drawn Moscow’s attention to the need to influence Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to improve the humanitarian situation.