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Obama: US imposes further sanctions against Russia due to its policy towards Ukraine

Earlier this week, the USA introduced sanctions against several Russian and Ukrainian officials

WASHINGTON, March 20. /ITAR-TASS/. The USA imposes further sanctions against Russia in addition to that already introduced earlier this week with regard to Moscow’s policy towards Ukraine. US President Barack Obama stated this on Thursday.

The American leader specified that the new measures are imposed against Russian high-ranking officials and other people who did not belong to authorities in Moscow, but who, as Washington believes, support actions of the Russian government against Ukraine. Obama added that one Russian bank was also included in the list. However, the president did not disclose the name of the bank.

Spokesperson of the US administration later specified during a telephone briefing for journalists that the new list included 20 Russian officials.

Obama said he has signed on Thursday a new executive order allowing the US administration to apply sanctions against key sectors of Russian economy. However, the president acknowledged that applying such measures might have negative impact on the whole global economy.

On Monday, Obama warned that the US would introduce additional sanctions against Russia, if it continues interfering with Ukraine’s affairs.