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Polish border guards push a large group of refugees to Belarusian territory

Most foreigners required warm clothes, food and medical examination

MINSK, October 28. /TASS/. Polish border security pushed a group of refugees out to the Belarusian territory, the State Border Security Committee of Belarus said Friday.

"Yesterday on October 27, border guards discovered a large group of refugees. Most foreigners required warm clothes, food and medical examination. All of them were delivered from the Polish territory to the border fence and pushed by Polish servicemen through the gate," the statement says.

According to the Committee, "after the initial investigation at the scene, the servicemen and the refugee group followed deeper inside the Belarusian territory for further investigation and provision of aid."

Polish servicemen regularly try to push illegal migrants to the Belarusian territory. One such attempt was thwarted by Belarusian border guards on October 24. Back then, Polish border guards used two service cars to deliver refugees to the border fence and attempted to push them through a gate intended for animal migration. A similar incident happened on October 10.