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Lavrov says US, EU, NATO declarations won’t change Crimea’s reunification with Russia

Russia's top diplomat recalled that the peninsula has been more and more visited lately by the representatives of the political, social, business and cultural circles, including those from Europe

MOSCOW, April 23. /TASS/. The issue of Crimea’s reunification with Russia is settled for good, no foreign declarations of the US, European Union or NATO will change the situation, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said at a presentation of the album dubbed "Crimea in the development of Russia: history, politics, diplomacy. Russian Foreign Ministry archive documents".

"The Crimea’s reunification issue is settled whether anyone likes it or not," the Minister pointed out. "No declarations issued by Washington, the EU or NATO are not capable to change the situation either legally or politically."

"Moreover, the peninsula lately has been more and more visited by the representatives of the political, social, business and cultural circles, including Europeans," he emphasized. "They can see for themselves the Crimean reality and prove that the Crimeans firmly support the independent choice they made."

According to Lavrov, friends of Crimea clubs are operating or are created in a number of countries. "The Russian Foreign Ministry will continue to advance its political and information work to clarify the realities relating to the Crimea’s reunification with Russia," he pledged. "We will continue strengthening international and economic ties of the peninsula in line with the consistent foreign policy of Russia."

The Minister said that the album will greatly contribute to the work of the Foreign Ministry in this regard.

"The unquestionable scientific value aside, this album is a unique opportunity to look at the events that took place five years ago in their historic entirety and realize the role Crimea is playing in the development of the Russian state," Lavrov concluded.