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Hainan's Haikou leads in China in terms of air quality in 2021

In recent years, China's Hainan has been showing great progress in ecology as well as wildlife recovery
The good ecological situation of Haikou Bay attracted flocks of white herons here Kang Denglin/Hainan Daily
The good ecological situation of Haikou Bay attracted flocks of white herons here
© Kang Denglin/Hainan Daily

HAIKOU, October 3. /TASS/. Air quality indicators in Hainan's administrative center, Haikou, in January were the highest among the 168 major cities of China, reported the Haikou Daily with reference to the country's Ministry of Environment.

According to the authorities, the second place in the national ranking is taken by the city of Lhasa (Tibet Autonomous Region), followed by Huangshan (eastern province of Anhui), Zhoushan and Lishui (Zhejiang, eastern China). According to official data, in August, there was not a single day with atmospheric pollution that would exceed the standards set in the country in Haikou.

Thus, the content of sulfur oxide in the air averaged over a month was only 4 μg/cubic meter, nitric oxide — 9 mcg/cubic meter, suspended particles PM10 and PM2.5 - 19 μg and 8 μg per cubic meter, respectively. The indicators turned out to be many times lower than the maximum allowable pollution level in China.

As the local authorities clarified, in 2021, the maintenance of high air quality in Haikou was facilitated by such measures as environmental monitoring of construction sites, toughening control over off-road mobile equipment, optimizing the system for collecting, storing and transporting straw, improving work standards in mining sites. In addition, the issues related to the reduction of car emissions, reduction of the level of smoke caused by catering establishments and other facilities equipped with ovens were successfully resolved. The regular cleaning of the streets began to be carried out more thoroughly.

In recent years, China's southernmost province has been showing progress in ecology as well as wildlife recovery. Thus, the population of rare Hainan gibbons inhabiting the island this year increased by 6%, to 35. The government is working hard to expand the coastal mangrove area, which is home to exotic birds and many small mammals. In the near future, Hainan is expected to make even more significant progress in protecting the environment and strengthen its status as one of the most eco-friendly regions in China.