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Kiev troops seem to be preparing to use chemical weapons against Russia – diplomats

The Russian embassy in London said that the letters "OB" printed on gas cylinders, which the Ukrainian military intends to attach to attack drones, mean "poisonous ammunition"

LONDON, January 14. /TASS/. Ukraine may be preparing to use chemical weapons against Russian troops, the Russian Embassy in the United Kingdom said on Twitter, commenting on a video made by Ukrainian servicemen earlier.

"A video published by Ukrainian military apparently shows them preparing to use chemical weapons, possibly phosgene, prohibited by UN CWC [Chemical Weapons Convention], against Russian military," the embassy said, posting the video.

"Letters "OB" stand for toxic munition. This also explains why the gas cylinders need to be stored in the fridge," Russian diplomats added.

According to the video, Ukrainian servicemen were planning to install those cylinders on strike drones.