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Collapsed scaffolding damages Kremlin wall battlements — Federal Guard Services

Restoration activities are underway

MOSCOW. October 22. /TASS/. Kremlin wall battlements were damaged due to a strong wind, the Public Relations Department of the Federal Guard Service told TASS.

"Restoration activities are underway on a wall section from the Spasskaya Tower to the Senate Tower, which were suspended while the wind was still very strong," Department Head Denis Simonov said. Scaffolding and wall battlements partly collapsed, he said.

"Nobody was injured," Simonov said, giving no further details.

Approaches to the Red Square are now closed from all adjacent streets, TASS reports from the site. The Square is closed due to the collapse, officers supporting the perimeter control said. Several workmen are on the Kremlin wall. One battlement is completely missed.

This is not the first case when wind has caused damage to the Moscow Kremlin. In June 1998, it brought down about 200 trees and damaged several wall battlements and in April 2018 it partly took away the roof from the Senate Palace.