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New powerful explosions rock ammo depot in Russia's Siberia

At least ten people have been injured

TASS, August 9. Two new powerful explosions have occurred at the ammo depot near Achinsk, Krasnoyarsk Region in Russia’s Siberia, a source in the emergency services of the region told TASS.

"There were two powerful explosions. The town [where the military are stationed] saw windows partially smashed in, as well as in Kamenka village [near the depot]," the source said. 

According to the preliminary data, ten people were injured in the explosions. 

"Outpatient care has been provided to six people, four others have been taken to the hospital," medical sources told TASS.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, one of the latest explosions occurred when a lightning hit an ammunition stack with damaged lightning protection.

The region’s governor said the explosions occurred during a bomb disposal operation.

Residents of the village of Kamenka located near the ammunition depot are being evacuated to a safe area, a source in emergency services told TASS.

"Residents are being evacuated to the inhabited community of Malinovka," the source said.

The fire at the ammo depot broke out on August 5. As many as 16,000 people had to be evacuated from settlements within a 20 km radius of the facility. A state of emergency was declared in the Achinsk district. Gunpowder charges had stopped detonating by the morning of August 6 and people started returning to their homes. According to medical sources, explosions at the ammo depot killed one and left 13 injured. According to the latest reports, one person died.