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Dmitry Tulin appointed Bank of Russia first deputy chairman

Presidential aide Andrey Belousov expects that changes to the monetary policy will follow the new appointment

MOSCOW, January 16. / TASS / Dmitry Tulin has been appointed as Bank of Russia First Deputy Chairman as of January 21, Central Bank press service reported.

Tulin will focus on monetary policy, the report said. Other responsibilities of the first deputy chairman include international reserve management, refinancing operations and liquidity provision.

Earlier this week, First Deputy Chairman Ksenia Yudaeva mentioned the upcoming Central Bank reshuffle at the Gaidar Forum in Moscow. Yudaeva said that she would go on to curate strategy, forecasting and financial stability, while Tulin would take on the monetary policy.

Presidential aide Andrey Belousov expects that changes to the monetary policy will follow the new appointment. "I think that some changes will take place. This appointment is no accident," Belousov said.

Dmitry Tulin is a graduate of the Moscow Financial Academy, class of 1978. He began working for the USSR State Bank and went on to work for the Bank of Russia in 1991 as a Vice-Chairman. Tulin was the Executive Director of the International Monetary Fund, 1994-1996. After that, Tulin was VTB's Chairman of the Board of Directors until 1999. From 1999-2004, he served as the Senior Advisor of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and then returned to Russia's Central Bank as Deputy Chairman of Banking Supervision and Regulation. Since 2006, Tulin has been partner at Deloitte, an international auditing and consulting firm.