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Russia’s state arms program for 2018-2025 costs over $321 bln

The new state arms program is almost ready, according to a defense official

MOSCOW, November 21. /TASS/. The bill for Russia’s state arms program for 2018-2025 comes to 19 trillion rubles ($321.2 bln), press service of head of Russia’s Federation Council (upper house) Defense and Security Committee Viktor Bondarev said Tuesday.

"The new state arms program is being finalized and is almost ready. The financing parameters have long been the subject of a heated debate. Now the set amount is 19 trillion rubles. This program is financially in line with the previous one in annual average terms, but not in absolute terms," Bondarev was quoted as saying.

According to head of the committee, the expense arrangements in the new program are aimed at "bringing certain points into balance, making up for the delay of previous years," and "creating an economic basis for successfully developing priority areas." He added that the new program implies extending certain operations until 2027.