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Udav handgun passes verification, gets recommended for serial production

The handgun remains operational within a range of air temperatures from 50 degrees below zero freezing to plus 70 degrees Celsius

MOSCOW, April 11. /TASS/. An interdepartmental commission has completed its verification of the design specifications for the Udav handgun (a product of TsNIITochMash) and recommended it for serial production, the Rostec corporation said in a news release on Thursday.

"The self-loading 9-mm handgun has been recommended for serial production under the index O1, which permits it for official use," the news release says.

The commission examined the terms of reference, the results of preliminary and government certification tests and checked if the flaws detected in the process of testing have been eliminated. Next, a decision should follow on whether to authorize it for service or for experimental use in the field first.

"The Udav meets all modern requirements established for firearms. Composite materials have made it possible to considerably diminish the handgun’s mass and improve its operating parameters," the press service quotes Rostec’s industrial director Sergey Abramov as saying.

The firearm remains operational within a range of air temperatures from 50 degrees below zero to plus 70 degrees and is equally good for all arms and services.
"Its features are competitive with those of such renowned brands as Colt, Walther, Heckler&Koch, Glock, Browning, CZ and others," Abramov added.

The Udav Pistol

According to earlier reports, the Udav fires a powerful 9x21 mm cartridge. It has passed government certification tests and been recommended for standard use. 

TsNIITochMash plans to deliver standard military, special and civilian configurations of the weapon.

The self-loading Udav handgun is an entirely Russian-designed and manufactured weapon with a sighting range of 50 meters and an 18-round magazine. Brand-new special ammunition has been designed for it. In addition, the manufacturer plans to produce a standard army, special and civilian version of the weapon.