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Ukraine’s pledge not to join NATO would facilitate security talks — Kremlin

Dmitry Peskov noted that the Ukrainian Constitution "identifies very different aims"

MOSCOW, February 14. /TASS/. Ukraine’s official pledge not to join NATO would help formulate a meaningful response to Russia’s security concerns, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov believes.

"It goes without saying that Ukraine’s confirmed pledge, formalized in some way, not to join NATO would be a step that might considerably contribute to formulating a more meaningful response to Russia’s concerns," Peskov said.

Also, he commented on a statement by Ukraine’s ambassador in London, Vadim Pristaiko, who said that Kiev might give up the intention of joining NATO, if that would help prevent war.

"In this particular case we also paid attention to Kiev’s request the ambassador should explain his opinion. For this reason, it can hardly be interpreted as an accomplished fact Kiev has fundamentally revised its foreign policy outlook," Peskov said, adding that the Ukrainian Constitution "identifies very different aims."

In February 2019, the Verkhovna Rada voted for amendments to the Constitution confirming Ukraine’s NATO membership ambitions. Currently the country has the status of NATO’s enhanced opportunity partner.