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Ex-president Morales to return to Bolivia on November 9

Earlier, a court in Bolivia cancelled the arrest warrant for Moralez

BUENOS AIRES, October 28. /TASS/. Bolivia’s ex-president Evo Morales, forced to resign and flee amid large-scale protests last year, will return to the country on November 9, senator-elect Andronico Rodriguez said.

"Our brother, the ex-president, will enter [Bolivia] on November 9, the day after [president-elect Luis Arce] is sworn in," Rodriguez said in an interview with the Telesur TV channel.

Earlier, a court in Bolivia cancelled the arrest warrant for Moralez, charged with terrorism after the interim government took power in the country. The interim government vowed that Morales would be arrested immediately after returning to the country. Morales, however, said that he would return to Bolivia when he gets the opportunity.

Bolivia held a presidential election on October 20, 2019, which showed then-incumbent president Evo Morales grabbing most of the votes, according to the Bolivian Supreme Electoral Tribunal. Carlos Mesa, his key opponent, announced that he did not concede the election and would not recognize the victory of Morales in the first round. After the results were officially released, Morales’ opponents organized protest rallies and the country plunged into unrest and turmoil. After three weeks of chaos, Morales stepped down branding the developments as coup d’etat. He left for Mexico, and then arrived in Argentina, where he received refugee status.

On October 18, Bolivia held presidential and parliamentary elections. Former Minister of Economy of Bolivia and the candidate for Evo Morales’s Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) party Luis Arce won the election.