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Ex-diplomat Salome Zurabishvili elected as Georgia's first woman president

Salome Zurabishvili has won Georgia's presidential election, becoming the first woman to hold the office

Salome Zurabishvili won Georgia’s runoff presidential election with 59.52% of votes. Zurabishvili, aged 66, was born in Paris to a family of Georgian emigrants, and she later graduated from the prestigious Paris Institute of Political Studies. Since 1974, she has worked in France’s Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, and in late 2003, she was appointed French Ambassador to Georgia. In March 2004, President Saakashvili appointed her Georgian Minister of Foreign Affairs, but in October 2005, she was removed from this position after Saakashvili had criticized her publicly. After that, she joined the opposition and took part in rallies demanding that Saakashvili step down. In 2016, she was elected to the Georgian parliament. Meet Georgia's first woman president in this photo gallery.