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Russia launches post-registration trials of second COVID-19 vaccine

The Epivaccorona vaccine based on peptide antigens was registered on October 13

MOSCOW, November 17. /TASS/. The post-registration trials of the the Epivaccorona vaccine against COVID-19 developed by the State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology "Vector" have begun in Russia, head of the Russian Federal Service for the Oversight of Consumer Protection and Welfare Anna Popova said on Tuesday during an online symposium dedicated to COVID-19 research.

"We can only stop the spread [of COVID-19] through vaccination. There are enough vaccines in the world at high levels of development. Russia continues to develop and issue vaccines. On August 11, the Sputnik V vaccine was registered, which has proven to be effective on the outcomes of clinical trials <…> and according to the first results of post-registration trials. On October 13, the Epivaccorona vaccine based on peptide antigens has been registered, right now, the third stage of post-registration trials is underway," she said.

The vaccine dubbed "EpiVacCorona" does not contain the live virus and forms immunity due to the use of artificially synthesized peptides.

The Vector Research Center received the approval of the Russian Health Ministry to carry out clinical trials of the vaccine on volunteers on July 24. On July 27, the first volunteer got the vaccine shot. Popova informed earlier that the clinical trials of the vaccine had ended on September 30. The vaccine was registered on October 14.