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Duma to discuss draft statement on mass graves discovered near Donetsk October 10

Last week A Just Russia party adopted an address to world parliaments and international organizations on the need to hold an international investigation of crimes against civilians in eastern Ukraine
A cross seen in eastern Ukraine (archive) EPA/ROMAN PILIPEY
A cross seen in eastern Ukraine (archive)

The State Duma “repeatedly drew attention of the world community to mass violations of human rights in Ukraine”. But the Russian parliament’s calls “are still left unnoticed,” the draft statement says. “The Western countries’ political leaders refuse to see the objective picture of the events and the US and the EU... provide permanent political, financial and moral support to Kiev,” it says.

The discovered burial sites are proof of tortures, abuse, robberies and violence in the areas controlled by Ukrainian security forces, the document says. “The State Duma addresses the parliaments of the world to protect innocent victims of the Kiev policy. All participants in criminal actions against the Ukrainian people should face trial and be brought to punishment,” the draft statement says.

On September 23, reports came that Ukrainian people’s militia found mass burials in the area of mine No 22 “Kommunar” outside Donetsk in eastern Ukraine. Medical examiners made a conclusion that the bodies found in one of the graves were killed by point-blank shots in the head.

This area was previously controlled by the Ukrainian security forces and fighters of the Aidar battalion of the National Guard. The whole area will be examined. The militias say they found other graves that have not been opened up.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry believes the mass burial of civilians near Donetsk is a military crime that could have been committed by Ukraine’s National Guard, and insists on an urgent and comprehensive international probe into the case. Kiev has rejected the claims.