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Russia reserves right to give tough response to Ukraine’s drone attacks on Moscow, Crimea

The Russian foreign ministry noted that Ukraine has already claimed responsibility for these attacks

MOSCOW, July 24. /TASS/. Russia reserves the right to take tough measures in response to Ukraine’s drone attacks on Moscow and Crimea, the Russian foreign ministry said on Monday.

"The Russian side reserves the right to take tough response measures," the ministry stressed.

The ministry noted that Ukraine has already claimed responsibility for these attacks. "The country’s Minister of Digital Transformation Mikhail Fyodorov has publicly confirmed the [Vladimir] Zelensky regime’s involvement in them and said that Kiev will continue such attacks and their number will grow," the ministry said.

It also stressed that Russia views the Ukrainian drone attacks on Moscow and Crimea as further proof of Kiev’s use of terrorist methods. "We believe that what happened is further proof of the use of terrorist methods by Ukraine’s military and political leadership, as well as of attempts to intimidate civilians," it said, adding that from a military point of view, the attacks made no sense.

"We strongly condemn this latest crime by the Kiev regime. We call on international organizations to give it an appropriate assessment," it noted. "The West's aim to further escalate the situation is behind the brazen actions of Ukrainian neo-Nazis."

According to the ministry, Russia’s Investigative Committee has opened criminal cases following these incidents. "All those responsible will be identified and punished," it stated.

The Russian defense ministry reported earlier in the day that in the early morning hours of July 24, "a terror attack by the Kiev regime on facilities in Moscow with the use of two unmanned aerial vehicles was thwarted." According to the defense ministry, the drones "were jammed by electronic warfare systems and crashed."

Apart from that, a helicopter-type drone carrying no explosives fell on the territory of a cemetery in Moscow’s Zelenograd district.

It was also reported that on Monday night, 17 Ukrainian drones attacked Crimea. All of them were either shot down or jammed by electronic warfare means, the Russian defense ministry said.