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Russian Forestry Agency estimates forest fire damage at $106 mln

The area engulfed by wildfires this year is close to a five-year average, according to the agency

MOSCOW, August 21. /TASS/. The damage from forest fires in Russia has reached seven bln rubles ($106 mln) since the beginning of the year, Acting Head of the Federal Forestry Agency Mikhail Klinov told reporters on Wednesday.

"As far as this year is concerned, the damage is currently estimated at about seven billion rubles," he said, adding that in 2018, wildfire damage had stood at 19 bln rubles ($288 mln).

According to the Federal Forestry Agency, forest fire damage won’t exceed last year’s amount because the area that wildfires have engulfed is close to a five-year average.

Notably, a reforestation law has been adopted in the country in accordance with the Environment national project, which stipulates that forest tenants must reforest each and every hectare of deforested land. Reforestation activities are particularly underway in the Moscow, Kaluga and Udmurt regions, as well as in Crimea, the Federal Forestry Agency pointed out.