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Budget for Arctic development in 2018 might amount to $13.65 mln

The state program for the region's development was approved in April 2014

MOSCOW, September 18. /TASS/. Funding for the development of the Russian Arctic in 2018 might reach 792 mln rubles ($13.65 mln), according to the draft budget for 2018 and the planning period 2019-2020.

In 2019, for the same purposes, 5.766 bln rubles ($99.38 mln) were planned, and by 2020 - 5.514 bln rubles ($95.03 mln).

The state program "Socio-economic development of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation for the period until 2020 and further prospects" was developed by the Ministry of Regional Development and approved in April 2014. The program coordinated activities of federal executive bodies in the Arctic and did not feature indicators, target indicators, implementation schedule and funding.