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Russian PM approves digital economy program

The program was earlier discussed at the meeting with President Vladimir Putin

GORKI, July 31. /TASS/. Russia’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev approved the program on development of the digital economy in Russia. "I approved the Digital Economy program," Medvedev said on Monday at a meeting with his deputies.

The program was earlier discussed at the meeting chaired by President Vladimir Putin and was then sent back for revision. "The program goal is to organize systemic development and rollout of digital technologies across all spheres of life - in economy, in business as social activity and in public administration, social sphere and municipal economy," the prime minister said. "Digital conversion of the economy is an issue of our global competitiveness and national security. The program delivery horizon is in 2024," he said.

The program consists of five areas dedicated to normative regulation, education, human resources, development of research competencies and IT infrastructure and cyber security, Medvedev said. "We should have a full-fledged digital environment as a deliverable," he said.

The program should be complemented further on with sectoral projects in healthcare and ‘smart cities’ development, he added.