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Yakutia advance-development territory's business residents invest more than $85 million

According to Dmitry Borisov, 954 jobs have been created

YAKUTSK, January 11. /TASS/. Business residents of the Yakutia advance-development territory invested 7.56 billion rubles ($85 million) and created about 1,000 jobs, director of the Corporation for the Development of the Far East and Arctic's Yakutia Branch Dmitry Borisov told TASS.

"As of today, with the Corporation the investors have signed 53 agreements on working in the Yakutia advance-development territory. The total amount of investments under those agreements is 85.68 billion rubles ($966 million), the businesses are creating 2,458 jobs," he said. "The amount of made investments is 7.56 billion rubles ($85 million), and 954 jobs have been created already."

In 2023, the corporation inked 15 new agreements, under which investments will make 69.83 billion rubles ($787 million) and the businesses will create 303 jobs.