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Rutube blocked app download to iOS devices after Apple demand — video hosting

The Rutube app for iOS can only be downloaded in Russia now

MOSCOW, August 16. /TASS/. Rutube blocked the possibility of downloading its app to iOS devices for all countries except Russia after Apple had demanded hiding state mass media channels in the app, the Russian video hosting said in its official Telegram channel.

"The Rutube app for iOS can only be downloaded in Russia now. Such decision was made to enable Russian-speaking users of the service, with the majority of them living in Russia, to download the Rutube app to iPhone," Rutube said.

Russian-speaking users in other countries can continue viewing the Rutube content in the web version, the video hosting said. App updates will highly likely to be available for users that have downloaded the app earlier.

On August 15, Apple demanded from Rutube to hide the content of Russian state-owned mass media in the iOS-based app or make the app accessible for Russian users only. Apple provided two weeks to make the decision or the app would be removed from the app store.