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Russia shows off military trophies seized from terrorists in Syria

Most arms featured at the exposition are makeshift weapons

KUBINKA (Moscow Region), August 24. /TASS/. Russia’s Defense Ministry has shown military trophies seized from terrorists in Syria at the Army-2017 military and technical exhibition outside Moscow, a TASS correspondent reports from the scene.

A special site of the Patriot museum and exhibition center in Kubinka in the Moscow Region showcased the trophies seized in combat operations against terrorists in the Syrian provinces of Aleppo, Homs, Hama and other regions.

As a special exhibit, the exposition showcases a "factory" for the makeshift production of chemical agents. The plant consists of a cement mixer and two plastic barrels and is capable of producing up to 30 liters of organophosphorus lethal agents to fill makeshift munitions.

As the exhibition’s staff explained, mostly civilians are the victims of such weapons. Shellings are used to intimidate the population, creating a horrible ‘picture’ on television.

Most arms featured at the exposition are makeshift weapons. They include mortars and rocket launchers made of water pipes and mounted on trucks or transported by motor vehicles. Specifically, the exposition features a 105mm launcher intended to deliver fire against civilians, lightly armored and unarmored hardware and a 305mm coaxial mortar that can fire with a minimum time interval.

"The use of such a design solution helps increase artillery fire intensity and exert psychological pressure on the enemy by imitating a fire attack," the pavilion’s staff said.

The small arms showcased at the exposition include Belgian Browning and US Colt pistols, Austrian Mannlicher rifles and Glock pistols, Chinese Type 56 and AKS machineguns, US Remington firearms and M-16A4 assault rifles. The exposition also shows unexploded and defused makeshift and foreign factory-produced mines, hand grenades and rockets. Most weapons were seized in the course of successful ambushes, the pavilion’s staff said.

The trophies also include makeshift mortars piled up one above another.

Weapons used against terrorists in Syria

The weaponry used by the Syrian government troops and featured at the exposition includes T-55 tanks, mortars and flame throwers, the BMP-1 combat vehicle and various antiaircraft systems.

The exposition devoted to Russia’s anti-terror operation in Syria showcases the mockups of armament and military hardware operational in the Navy and the Aerospace Force, mine-clearing and chemical protection means, systems for air-dropping humanitarian aid and special equipment of military police and medical assistance to the Syrian population.

Specifically, these systems include the Uran-9 mine-clearing robotic vehicle, the Taifun-K armored vehicle for troop transportation, Orlan-10 drones and diving equipment for coastal guards’ anti-sabotage teams.