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Russia’s new state armament program may focus on autonomous weapons

MOSCOW, March 28. /TASS/. The serial production of weapons based on artificial intelligence will be a priority of Russia’s new state armament program for 2018-2025, a source in the board of the Military and Industrial Commission said on Tuesday.

"The new state armament program will focus on the serial purchases and the organization of the serial production of intelligence-designed armaments," the source said after the board’s session discussed the new program’s draft.

The program’s priority areas also under discussion include the development of aerospace defense, the strategic nuclear forces, the systems of communications, reconnaissance and control, electronic warfare, unmanned aerial vehicles, robotized strike complexes, modern transport aviation, precision weapons and the fight against them, as well as servicemen’s individual protection gear, the source said.

The new state armament program will be implemented with reliance on domestic components, including items created on the basis of the import substitution plan for products earlier supplied from Ukraine and Western countries, the source said.

"As another important aspect, the new armament program has been developed with the participation of general designers and heads of priority technological areas and is based on the principle of the realizable potential of planned technical measures," the source said.