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Putin says half of strategic missile units rearmed with hypersonic systems

The Russian leader also announced that new Sarmat missile launchers would enter duty soon

MOSCOW, June 21. /TASS/. About half of the units of Russia’s Strategic Missile Force have been equipped with the latest Yars missile systems and are being rearmed with modern Avangard warheads, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

"About half of the Strategic Missile Force units are now equipped with the latest Yars systems. Rearmament with modern missile systems carrying Avangard hypersonic warheads is in progress," Putin said at a meeting with graduates of military academies on Wednesday.

He stressed that the strengthening and development of the army and reliable security of the country had always been and remained an unconditional priority.

"In light of the new challenges and invaluable experience of the special military operation we will continue to improve the Armed Forces in every possible way," he said, adding that the most important task here was to develop the nuclear triad as the key guarantee of Russia's military security and global stability.

Putin also announced that new Sarmat missile launchers would enter duty soon.

"In the near future, the first launchers of the Sarmat complex with a new heavy missile will be put on combat duty," he said.

"The arsenals of aviation and naval components of strategic nuclear forces are being replenished in strict accordance with the timetable," he stressed. In particular, he noted, the lead submarine of the Borey-A project had been commissioned and in January 2023 the frigate Admiral Gorshkov left base on a combat duty mission. Putin stressed that this ship was designed to perform tasks in the blue water zones and carried the newest hypersonic missiles Tsirkon.

"Russia’s nuclear triad allows for effective and guaranteed strategic deterrence and maintains the global balance of power," Putin concluded, adding that it was an embodiment of many years of tremendous efforts by domestic enterprises, design bureaus, workers, engineers and military and civilian specialists.