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Russian hi-tech firm to upgrade Mi-24 attack helicopter to latest-generation gunship

Also, the helicopter’s lighting equipment has been adapted for using night vision goggles

KAZAN, June 26. /TASS/. Russia’s Radio-Electronic Technologies Group (KRET, within the state hi-tech corporation Rostec) is carrying out work to upgrade the Mil Mi-24 attack helicopter to the level of the latest-generation Mi-28NM gunship, CEO of Rychag Company (part of KRET) Alexei Panin said on Friday.

"A defensive aids suite unrivaled both in Russia and in the world is mounted on the helicopter. It is being developed by the company Stella-K and allows shielding the helicopter from the most advanced weapons, as well as conducting radio-technical reconnaissance and jamming," the chief executive said.

"The advanced radio-electronic equipment installed on the Mi-24 makes it possible to achieve combat efficiency comparable with the latest-generation helicopters at a far less cost compared with the purchases of new helicopters," he said.

After its upgrade, the Mi-24 will feature the latest onboard equipment developed by KRET enterprises. The pilots’ cabin will be made using the ‘glass cockpit’ principle. It will be outfitted with the most advanced piloting equipment to provide for a possibility to operate the gunship day and night in any weather conditions and at low altitudes, using digital mapping based on visual and instrument flight principles.

Also, the helicopter’s lighting equipment has been adapted for using night vision goggles.

The latest weapon control system will allow increasing the gunship’s firepower and providing for the long-range employment of guided missile armament. The range of missile armament has been considerably expanded.