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Japanese vessel detained by Russia released after paying fine — TV

The fine made up $83,000

TOKYO, June 11. /TASS/. The Eiho Maru 172 fishing trawler, detained by Russian border guards near the Sakhalin Island, returned to Japan after its crew paid a fine, the NHK TV channel reported on Friday.

According to the report, the vessel is now moored in the city of Wakkanai in northern Japan. Its 14 crew members are in good health and will leave the ship once the quarantine period is over.

The ship was detained by Russian border control officers in the Russian exclusive economic zone near the coast of Sakhalin on May 28. It did not respond to requests and attempted to flee, resorting to dangerous maneuvers in the process. An inspection revealed live crabs, crab products, and fishing equipment on board. The vessel was detained and taken to the Sakhalin port of Korsakov for inquiry. The Japanese government protested against the detention and demanded the ship’s release.

On June 10, the Sakhalin region’s FSB department said the administrative arrest imposed on the vessel has been lifted after the fine of six million rubles ($83,000) was paid.