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Two people killed in rock burst at mine in northwest Russia — source

According to the latest reports, another eight people have been ingured

MOSCOW, February 25. /TASS/. Two people have been killed as a result of a rock burst at the Severnaya coalmine in the city of Vorkuta in Russia’s northwestern Komi Republic, a law enforcement source told TASS Thursday.

"Rescuers have discovered two dead bodies in the mine," the source said.

The rescue operation continues, evacuation of the remaining miners is underway.

"As of now, 79 miners have been evacuated, 31 people remain at the mine. Eight people have been injured, according to the latest reports," mine owner Vorkutaugol spokeswoman Tatyana Bushkova told TASS.

"The first two who complained to medics of headaches have been examined and sent home. Another two have been hospitalized, one miner is suspected of having a backbone bruise, another has a brain injury. Four more people have been taken to the surface with signs of carbon monoxide poisoning, they have been handed to medics," she said.

The operation of the mine, owned by Vorkutaugol, has been suspended.

A rock burst occurred at 14:22 Moscow Time at the Severnaya mine. A shift of 105 people was underground at the moment, with eight people at the site of the accident.

A rock burst is a spontaneous violent fracture of rock, which may occur in deep mines.