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Putin fulfills Russian schoolgirl’s longtime dream, giving her Akita Inu puppy

The puppy was named Umka

PSKOV, October 8. /TASS/. A schoolgirl from the western Russian city of Pskov has received an Akita Inu puppy as a gift from Russian President Vladimir Putin, the press service of the Pskov Region’s government has said.

"On this day, a schoolgirl received a present from Russian President Vladimir Putin. The country’s leader fulfilled the girl’s longtime dream of having her own pet dog, Vika has long been dreaming about having an Akita Inu puppy," the statement says.

When Vika saw the puppy, she burst into tears of joy, The puppy was named Umka.

"I’m very happy! Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich. Thank you for fulfilling my dream, thank you for this happiness. With all my heart, I congratulate you on your birthday and wish you good health, strength and patience," she said.

Vika’s mother said the girl kept her plans to write to the president in secret from her parents and informed them only after her letter was already sent.

An Akita Inu is a hunting dog bred in the province of Akita on Honshu Island. Supposedly, its ancestors appeared about 7,000 years ago. Dogs of the breed have a majestic posture, noble appearance and devotion to the master.