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Former Roscosmos chief Rogozin to be moved to Moscow after suffering injuries in Donetsk

Rogozin is now staying at the Rostov-on-Don hospital

MOSCOW, December 22. /TASS/. Dmitry Rogozin, the former chief of Roscosmos now heading the Tsar’s Wolves team of military advisers, will be moved to Moscow, according to his aide.

"Dmitry Olegovich hasn’t been operated on as yet. The doctors in Donetsk and Rostov-on-Don hesitated about performing an operation, given its complexity. After relocation to Moscow, a council of physicians will decide what medical assistance is required," the aide said.

Rogozin sustained wounds in Donetsk on Thursday. Along with his aides he came under shelling during a working meeting. Rogozin and two more victims of the shelling were taken to a military hospital in Rostov-on-Don. Rogozin’s aide Mikhail Bridasov was killed in the shelling.

Rogozin is now staying at the Rostov-on-Don hospital. A mine fragment hit him in the spine.