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Over 81% of Russians trust Putin, and over 78% approve of his work

It is reported that Mikhail Mishustin was trusted by 62.5% of respondents

MOSCOW, September 2. /TASS/. The proportion of Russian citizens' confidence in President Vladimir Putin stood at 81.1% at the end of August, while 78.1% of those polled approved of the president's work, according to the All Russian Public Opinion Research Center that published the results of a survey conducted from August 22 to 28 among 1,600 respondents aged over 18.

"The approval rate of the Russian president's work from August 22 to August 28, 2022 was 78.1% (-0.3% over the week). Positive assessment figures for the Prime Minister and the Russian government over the past week dropped to 51.8% (-0.8%) and 50.8% (-0.1%), respectively," the report noted.

When asked about their confidence in Vladimir Putin, 81.1% of Russians polled answered positively (-0.1% over the week), while Mikhail Mishustin was trusted by 62.5% of respondents (this figure remained unchanged over the week).

Those surveyed also expressed their confidence in the heads of various parliamentary factions. The Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF) leader Gennady Zyuganov was trusted by 33.6% of respondents (-3.1%), Sergey Mironov, the leader of A Just Russia - For Truth, received 31.7% (+0.2%), the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR) got 17.5%, and the leader of The New People party Alexey Nechaev procured 10.9% (+0.7%).

The poll also revealed that the level of support for the United Russia party stood at 40.2% (+0.3% over the week), with the CPRF supported by 10.2% (-0.5%). The LDPR got 8.1% (-0.5%), A Just Russia - For Truth was supported by 5.7% (+0.3%), and The New People party’s figures came to 4.8% (+0.5).