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Pink Floyd founder Waters warns Internet may turn "1984" novel to reality

The musician called the Internet and social networks a "double-edged sword"

WASHINGTON, August 23. /TASS/. Today's technology companies are slowly partnering with the authorities to bring the ideals of George Orwell's 1984 to life. This is an opinion Roger Waters, one of the founders of the British rock band Pink Floyd, expressed in an interview with TASS.

The musician called the Internet and social networks a "double-edged sword."

"In the United States where I live, and I can only speak for the United States, within the United States, there's a huge battle going on, between the voice that I represent, which would like an open Internet where people can freely express their opinions, without fear that they're going to be canceled, wiped off the internet," the musician said.

According to Waters, the advocates of open Internet do not want it to become the George Orwell 1984 novel "tool of big brother to get everybody thinking in conformity, and all bowing down to Big Brother and accepting that."

Speaking about Facebook (banned in the Russian Federation; owned by Meta Corporation, which is recognized as extremist in Russia) as well as about Google, the musician stressed that "they all fall into the hands of those who want to collude with the Pentagon and the CIA and the FBI and the government to produce 1984 where only they are allowed to put out their message."

"And that's why you see sites being canceled," he added.

Waters did not deny the fact that due to his public position, he could be removed from the information space.

"The thing that you need more than anything else almost in any kind of conflict about political and or philosophical ideologies is to hear what the other side is saying. So, it wouldn't surprise me if I disappear quite soon, just like the mainstream media will not review my shows," he said.