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Over 60% of Russians oppose deployment in Ukraine’s south-east — poll

Russia's military involvement in south-eastern Ukraine is supported by 27% of respondents

MOSCOW, July 07. /ITAR-TASS/. Two thirds of Russians are against sending Russian troops to southe-eastern Ukraine, according to a poll conducted by the Russian Public Opinion Research Centre (WCIOM) released on the official site on Monday.

The poll has shown that 66% of Russians do not approve of the idea to use Russian troops to cease the military conflict in Ukraine’s south-east, this share of respondents mainly comprised of elderly people and residents of big cities.

The need of Russia’s military involvement is supported by a quarter, or 27%, of respondents, WCIOM reports.

When asked what events could justify the use of military force, one third of respondents said this was by no means an acceptable option.

The sociologists also asked respondents whether they were ready to help refugees from Ukraine. According to WCIOM, 44% expressed readiness to send food, warm clothes and other humanitarian aid, while 21% said they would transfer money to special funds. Nineteen percent could help spread information about refugees’ needs; nine percent would even give them shelter. A total of 23% said they were not prepared to help.

The polls were conducted on June 21-22 and June 28-29 among 1,600 people in 130 localities in 42 regions. Statistical error does not exceed 4%.