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Russia will boost military power against potential aggressors, Putin says

Putin pointed out that over the past years the Russian army had noticeably improved

MOSCOW, June 28. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin affirmed that Russia would continue bolstering its military power against potential aggressors.

"Only advanced powerful mobile armed forces are capable of securing the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our country and protecting us and our allies from any potential aggressor, as well as from pressure and intimidation by those who do not like the independent sovereign Russia," he said at a meeting with Russian military graduates.

"During the past years, the Russian army has noticeably improved, the officers’ professionalism has grown, as can be seen from the counter-terrorism operation in the Syrian Arab Republic," he stressed. "We plan to further bolster the army and fleet combat power, provide well-balanced and consistent operation of all army branches and services based on long-term plans and programs, as well as enhance the quality and intensity of combat training."