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Putin believes Trump’s victory proves that US voters are longing for change

When the Russian president watched Trump's campaign speeches, he thought the future US president "went over the top on certain issues"

NEW YORK, June 16. /TASS/. The results of the latest presidential election in the United States show that US voters are longing for a serious political change in the country, Russian President Vladimir Putin said during the fourth and final episode of The Putin Interviews documentary, aired in the United States on Thursday night.

"Apparently, people of the United States expect some serous changes," he said. "This applies to security problems, as well as issues of unemployment and creating jobs."

"Trump and his team were very professional in organizing their electoral campaign," Putin continued. "They were perfectly aware of where their electorate lives and what states are entitled to send more electoral delegates."

"When I watched his campaign speeches, I thought that he went over the top on certain issues. But it turned out that he was right. He managed to strike the right note," Putin added. "I think that no one would be able to challenge the results."