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EU waging economic war against Moscow with 'suicidal fanaticism' — Russian mission to EU

"The EU no longer seems to care what price will be paid for its ambition to damage Russia," the statement reads

BRUSSELS, June 24. /TASS/. The EU is waging an economic war against Russia with "suicidal fanaticism," introducing economic and protectionist measures that, in fact, have nothing to do with the conflict in Ukraine, the Permanent Mission of Russia to the EU said in a comment on its website.

"The latest 'package' clearly shows the degree of ferocity and suicidal fanaticism with which the EU is waging economic war against us. Although anti-Russian restrictions have nothing to do with Ukraine, Brussels considers it crucial to have adopted as many protectionist and restrictive measures as possible (not only against Russia) by the time the Ukrainian crisis is resolved. As the number of restrictions against third countries and attempts to intimidate them with 'punishment' for so-called circumvention of sanctions grows, so does the number of countries that see this as a display of Brussels' economic diktat and blackmail," the mission says.

"The EU no longer seems to care what price will be paid for its ambition to damage Russia. Obviously, the 'sanctions overheating,' which is absorbing more and more EU resources, risks spiraling out of control and will end badly for the EU economy," the Russian mission noted.

Earlier, the European Union introduced the 14th package of EU sanctions, blacklisted 47 companies and 69 individuals, announced a ban on the transit of Russian LNG through EU ports, and prohibited European companies from using the System for Transfer of Financial Messages (SPFS), the Russian alternative to SWIFT. Brussels introduced new restrictions on the export of a number of dual-use goods and equipment to Russia, as well as export restrictions on a number of companies in other countries, in particular in China. The EU also banned its ports from serving 27 ships that carry out shipments in the interests of Russia, and introduced a number of other restrictions.