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Aid to Kiev to make US richer, Ukraine more bankrupt — Kremlin spokesman

Dmitry Peskov noted that more Ukrainians will be killed "because of the Kiev regime"

MOSCOW, April 20. /TASS/. The decision of the US House of Representatives to allocate aid to Kiev will make America richer but Ukraine more bankrupt, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov told TASS.

"The decision to provide aid to Ukraine was anticipated and predictable. This will make the United States of America far richer but will ruin Ukraine further, making more Ukrainians killed because of the Kiev regime," Peskov said.

"As for the bill on the seizure of Russian assets, we still need to sort out the details. In any case, as long as the seizure of our assets is in question, this will cause irreparable damage to the image of the United States of America, this will force numerous investors in that country to save their funds, since the immutability of private property, what is more state property, will be violated," he said.

"Of course, if it is really true, America will have to answer for this. And here there are unlikely to be any time limits. And we will be taking action in such a way that best meets our interests," Peskov said.

Earlier in the day, the bills on military aid for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, on the seizure of the frozen Russian sovereign assets in order to give them to Kiev, and on additional sanctions against China passed the US House of Representatives.