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Putin to deliver State of the Nation Address

TASS will offer text online broadcasting on its website

MOSCOW, February 29. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin will deliver his 19th and 29th in Russia’s modern history State of the Nation Address at noon on Thursday.

Traditionally, key topics of the address have not been made public beforehand. However, Putin said that "taking into account the domestic political calendar," he would outline major tasks for the next six years.

According to his press secretary Dmitry Peskov, Putin has been working on the text of the address personally and has had "dozens of phone and face-to-face contacts" with ministers, deputy prime ministers and other government officials.

TASS will offer text online broadcasting on its website. Apart from that, the address will be televised live on federal television channels and outdoor screens in large cities.

Traditionally, about 1,000 people have been invited to the ceremony. Among them are members of both houses of Russia’s parliament, government and presidential administration officials, heads of the Constitutional and Supreme Courts, members of the State Council and Public Chamber, governors, representatives of religious organizations, diplomats, and journalists, including foreign.

Apart from that, according to Peskov, participants in the special military operation have also been invited.

Format and statistics of addresses

The president’s annual address to the Federal Assembly (Russia’s bicameral parliament) traditionally gives an assessment of the state of affairs in the country and outlines basic trends in the domestic and foreign policies.

Last year, Putin began his speech from the explanation of the reasons why Russia has started its special military operation. According to the president, Russia had to use force to defend people living on its historical soil and thwart a threat coming from the Kiev regime. The president also outlined the large-scale program of socio-economic development in its new regions and measures to encourage economic growth amid sanctions. Speaking about the country’s foreign policy, he announced the suspension of Russia’s participation in the New START Treaty. He also suggested that Russia refuse from the Bologna System in its higher education system.

The longest State of the Nation Address (115 minutes) was delivered by Putin in 2018. The shortest ones were delivered in 2004 and 2005, both lasting 48 minutes. In average, his addresses lasted for 70 minutes.

Sate of the Nations Addresses are not legal act but in recent years they have been a kind of legislative initiatives, with concrete instructions to the government. Apart from that, the address is followed by presidential instructions. There were 35 of them last year.