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‘If proposal is filed:’ Lavrov on Putin-Biden meeting, talks with the West

Sergey Lavrov noted that, if Turkey is ready to organize a dialogue between Russia and the West, it will be able to raise this issue during the meeting between Putin and Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Astan

MOSCOW, October 11. /TASS/. Russia will review a proposal for a meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his US counterpart Joe Biden on the sidelines of the G20 summit, should such proposal be filed; however, there has been no signals from the US on negotiations, and no serious proposals on talks on Ukraine have been made, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Russian TV Tuesday.

He noted that, if Turkey is ready to organize a dialogue between Russia and the West, it will be able to raise this issue during the meeting between Putin and Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Astana.

Here are key remarks made by the Foreign Minister.

About special military operation

The goals of the special military operation, outline by Vladimir Putin, will be met. Ukraine must not be a terrorist state, to which everything is permitted.

"This permissiveness exceeds all boundaries and leads to assassinations of journalists, political figures and Verkhovna Rada deputies."

Russia cannot allow Ukraine to pose a constant threat to Russia’s security, including accession to NATO and deployment of weapons that "will present such a threat" on its territory.

About US’ actions in Ukraine

The Americans have long been participating in the Ukrainian conflict de facto. The US arm the Kiev regime, provide intelligence data, including satellite intelligence.

"Our old initiative on prevention of arms race in space becomes even more relevant."

There is reliable information that the Americans help hiring mercenaries for participation in the Ukrainian conflict. In addition, regular servicemen of American and a number of European armies "work on the ground constantly."

On talks on Ukraine

Russia has received no serious proposals for talks on Ukraine from the US. There were some attempts, not too serious; Russia proposed to formulate specific proposals, but no explanations followed.

Meanwhile, the US claim that "they are completely open for talks with the Russian Federation, advocate political resolution of the current situation in Ukraine and around it, but it is the evil Russia who rejects all proposals for contacts," Lavrov said. "It is a lie, I can tell you that right here."

If Turkey is interested in organizing talks between Russia and the West, then it can raise this issue during the meeting between Putin and Erdogan in Astana.

"We have heard nothing besides public statement."

On meeting of Putin and Biden

Russia never rejects a dialogue. Should an offer for a meeting between Putin and Joe Biden no the sidelines of the G20 summit be filed, Moscow will review it.

If someone believes that a signal for such meeting has already been made, such belief is based solely on Biden’s "we’ll see" remark. "This is probably rather for journalist speculations than for real politics," Lavrov noted.

About Zelensky

It is possible that Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky will receive a command from London or Washington, and he will forget about his own ban for negotiations.

"He will find a way to explain all this and preserve his face; he is a performer after all, there is a lot of performers no that side right now."

"If we talk about Nazis, then the German Nazism - Hitler - united most European states under his own banner in order to attack and destroy the Soviet Union. Now, approximately the same group of countries, with some variations, supports Zelensky. But Zelensky, of course, is no Hitler, because he does not decide on actions against Russia, he is ordered to do concrete things."

"If we don’t eradicate Nazism in Ukraine, we will find it very difficult to solve the problems of coexistence on the greater European continent," Lavrov said, adding that the West understands the nature of the Kiev regime, but, in order to combat Russia, "they went all in."

There is irrefutable evidence of blatant violation of humanitarian law and war crimes in treatment of POWs by the Kiev regime.

"But the West is playing a game called ‘I see nothing, I hear nothing,’ when Zelensky does it."

On the UN

When Russia, no longer able to tolerate the crimes of the Kiev regime, has finally provided a serious response, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres immediately started playing condemnation. In other situations, he "remained dead silent and did not express his concerns or worries in any way."

"This once again proves that something is wrong with the UN." The UN must know its mission, instead of playing along the West.

A reform of the UN Security Council is due. "It’s no good, of course, when almost half of [15] member states are Western, this is not a representative membership."

It is impossible to exclude Russia from the Security Council, as Kiev proposes. Attempt to escalate the situation in the UN and use it in a Russophobic key continue.

"They cross all limits of decency, which existed before during the Cold War era."

The US and its allies terrorized the majority of developing countries, threatening sanctions and freeze of bank accounts. It is important for the Americans to show the support to Ukraine, so they demand that the delegates openly raise hands during the vote. This is why the US opposed it when Russia offered to hold a secret vote on the UN General Assembly resolution on the referendums.