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Putin hopes common sense prevails in the West, red lines will not be crossed

The Russian president noted that one such red line includes the deployment of strike systems in Ukraine

MOSCOW, November 30. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin hopes that common sense and responsibility will prevail in the West and that the red lines in relations with Russia will not be crossed.

Speaking at the VTB Capital’s "Russia Calling!" investment forum Tuesday, the president noted that one such red line includes the deployment of strike systems in Ukraine.

"If strike complexes emerge in Ukraine, then, the [missile] flight time to Moscow will be about 7-10 minutes, and 5 minutes, if hypersonic weapons are," he noted. "What should we do then? We will have to create something similar against those who threaten us. And we can do it now already."

According to the president, Russia has already created such weapons.

"We tested [it] recently, and successfully, too; starting next year, we will commission a new naval-based hypersonic missile - Mach 9. The flight time will also be 5 minutes for those who issue orders," the president said

Meanwhile, Putin expressed his concerns over creation of such threats.

"Where are we going to? Why do we do that?" he asked.

"The creation of such threats is the red line. But I hope that it will not come to this. I hope that the feeling of common sense, responsibility for their own countries and the international community will prevail," the Russian President underscored.

Andrey Kostin, head of the VTB bank and moderator of the event, noted that fake news about the alleged Russian threat affect the market poorly. According to the official, the Russian stock market grew by over 30% this year, but the fake about Ukraine alone dropped it by 11%. Commenting on this, Putin speculated that someone may be intentionally dropping such information "in order to profit on the falling market.".