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With 61% of results processed, United Russia wins nearly half of all votes

The Communist Party comes in second

MOSCOW, September 20. /TASS/. The United Russia party is receiving more than 47% in the parliamentary elections in Russia with 61.35% of results processed, according to the Central Election Commission.

The Communist Party comes in second with 20.78% of the vote, followed by the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR) with 7.86%, A Just Russia with 7.51% and New People with 5.73%. The rest of the parties have failed to cross the five-percent threshold to make it into the Russian parliament’s lower chamber, and the three-percent threshold making a party eligible for state funding.

Candidates of the United Russia party lead in 194 single-seat constituencies out of 225, and dominate elections to nearly all regional legislatures, according to the CEC’s current data.

Party results

- The United Russia party garnered 47.41% of the vote in Russia's parliamentary elections and leads in 194 single-seat constituencies out of 225

- United Russia expects to win a constitutional majority in this year’s parliamentary elections, the secretary of the party’s General Council, Andrei Turchak, has told reporters

- The Communist Party comes in second with 20.78% of the vote, its members lead in 15 single-seat constituencies

- The top five also includes the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR) with 7.86% and A Just Russia with 7.51%

- The New People is also expected to clear the five-percent threshold. It has 5.73% of the vote at the moment.

- The Russian Party of Pensioners for Social Justice is getting farther and farther from the three-percent threshold making it eligible for state funding. According to latest CEC data, it currently has 2.66%.

Elections in Moscow

- The United Russia party leads the parliamentary elections in Moscow with 39.6% after 50.3% of the results have been processed. CPRF is second with 20.3%, Moscow’s public election monitoring center said.

- The top three in Moscow also includes the New People party with 7.3% of the vote

- LDPR and A Just Russia garnered approximately 7.2% each

- United Russia members also lead in the majority of the Russian capital’s single-seat constituencies

- Independent candidate, actor Dmitry Pevtsov, is in the lead in the Russian capital’s single-seat constituency No. 200

Results in regions

- Incumbent or acting regional heads currently lead gubernatorial elections in all nine Russian regions

- Acting Khabarovsk region governor Mikhail Degtyarev receives 55.81% of the vote after 99% blocks of votes have been counted

- Incumbent Tver region governor Igor Rudenya (United Russia) gets 53.26% of the vote, with 81.14% of results processed

- Acting Penza region governor Oleg Melnichenko (United Russia) gets 72.60% of the vote, with 95.78% of results processed

- Acting Belgorod region governor Vyacheslav Gladkov retains his lead in the election with 78.95% of the vote, after 94.54% of protocols received from polling stations have been processed

- Acting Ulyanovsk region governor Alexei Russkikh is getting 83.35% of the vote with about 97% of ballots counted.