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Russian government approves second package of measures for IT support

The roadmap includes 62 activities

MOSCOW, September 14. /TASS/. The Russian government approved a roadmap to create additional conditions for the development of the IT industry. This is the second package of support measures for this area, press service of the Russian government said on Tuesday.

"The action plan was formed with the participation of leading Russian IT companies, industry public organizations, and the United Russia party. It is aimed at solving several key tasks: increasing demand for domestic IT solutions, ensuring accelerated digital transformation of economic sectors and social sphere, creating comfortable conditions for doing IT business in Russia," the statement said.

The roadmap includes 62 activities, including 20 system-wide that include measures to level the conditions for doing business in Russia for international Internet corporations and domestic IT companies.

The decisions will also stimulate the introduction of Russian developments at the Russian enterprises, help support exports, and promote domestic IT solutions in foreign markets.

It is also planned to finance the development of domestic digital platforms and standard solutions for budgetary organizations, train the personnel necessary to implement modern digital solutions for certain sectors of the economy.

"The implementation of the roadmap will give an additional impetus to the development of the IT industry, a qualitative transformation of certain segments of the economy and social sphere," the Russian government summed up.