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Russia, Belarus discuss project of developing plasma engine for space rockets — Putin

"Cooperation in the space sphere is developing actively," the Russian President noted

MOSCOW, July 1. /TASS/. Russian and Belarusian scientists are discussing the prospects of jointly developing a plasma propulsion engine for spacecraft, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin said at an online forum of both countries’ regions on Thursday.

"Cooperation in the space sphere is developing actively. The scientific communities of Russia and Belarus are discussing the variant of practical interaction in such promising areas as developing a plasma propulsion engine for space vehicles," Putin said.

The Russian leader urged to join efforts in such a strategic area as the climate agenda, including steps to cut greenhouse gas emissions and create an industry for their disposal.

"People in Russia and, I am certain, in Belarus are also concerned over these issues and display interest in them. This is not accidental because it concerns all," Putin said, adding that the use of nature-like technologies could help reduce the burden on the ecosystem and ensure a new quality of life for people.