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Final episodes of '20 Questions with Vladimir Putin' to be released within full version

The release of the video’s full version is planned for the spring of 2020

MOSCOW, March 20. /TASS/. The last three episodes of the TASS project entitled "20 Questions with Vladimir Putin," which premiered on February 20 and has since been uploaded to TASS resources on weekdays, will be released in the full video version of the interview. So far, 17 episodes of the interview the head of state granted to TASS journalist Andrei Vandenko have been released, with the 18th episode planned to be uploaded on Monday, March 23.

The full-length film will incorporate both excerpts from the already aired episodes and the Russian president’s answers Internet users have not seen yet: Putin will share his views on freedom of speech, the role of journalists in modern society, family, and his free time. Also, he will say a couple of words about very personal losses.

TASS chose to make these last-minute changes in light of some cardinal transformations in the current news agenda, which runs counter to the original concept of the project - an attempt to look back on the changes the nation has undergone over the past two decades, and not the day-to-day news flow. The project was drawing to a close when a "perfect storm" hit the world, as it is now gripped by the novel coronavirus and the emerging economic realities.

The final version of the video will incorporate some footage that will take the viewer on a tour behind the scenes and give a glimpse of how the video was made, as well as offer a chance to see several clips that the editors preferred to put on the backburner.

The release of the video’s full version is planned for the spring of 2020. The date will be announced shortly.

The project "20 Questions with Vladimir Putin" was launched on February 20. It is based on an exclusive three-hour-long interview with the Russian head of state and timed for Vladimir Putin’s 20th anniversary at the helm of power (for the first time Putin was elected Russia’s president on March 26, 2000). The project targets Internet audiences.