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Putin says his status after 2024 will depend on society’s aspirations

Putin said he still has four more years

MOSCOW, March 19. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin believes it’s too early to mull over his status after 2024, when his current term of office expires. A future answer will depend on the "aspirations of the people," he explained to TASS in an interview for the project entitled "20 Questions with Vladimir Putin".

"I do not know, we’ll see," the head of state said when asked about his future status after 2024. I still have four more years, and right now I have no answer."

All will depend on "the nation’s sentiment and people’s aspirations."

"The most important thing, the key issue, the matter of principle is the attitude of the vast majority of the citizens. Of course, it is a question of trust," he said.

He agreed that "the elites might get nervous" in view of some uncertainties over the matter of power. Putin regards this as a drawback, because an "imbalance is possible."

"I realize that such an imbalance is possible. However, the people are ultimately the prime source of power. And I am not trying to show off. It is very important for me, too. It is very important for me to sense, to understand what the people want. It is a matter of principle," he concluded.

On Monday, the Constitutional Court ruled that the amendments earlier adopted by the State Duma, approved by the Federation Council and endorsed by the legislative assemblies of all of Russia’s regions were compliant with the fundamental law. The legislation on the amendments will take effect only upon its approval in a nationwide public vote, scheduled for April 22. The amendments constitutionally stipulate a number of social guarantees, expand the powers of the parliament, introduce certain restrictions on top officials and set a two-term limit for Russia’s presidents, however the incumbent president will be able to run in the presidential election again should the amendments come into force.

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