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Russian security chief to hold talks on draft declaration of BRICS summit

The Russian security chief is expected to discuss a draft declaration of a future BRICS summit in Durban on June 29

DURBAN /South Africa/, June 28. /TASS/. Russia’s Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev, who arrived in South Africa on a visit, is planning to discuss a draft declaration of a future BRICS summit in Durban on June 29, the Russian Security Council said on Thursday.

The document will mostly focus on international cyber security, the Security Council said.

"The agreements achieved within BRICS will lay the foundation of emerging architecture of the international information security system," they said.

The Russian Security Council says that a major step in that direction will include rules of the nations’ responsible conduct in IT space, adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in a form of a resolution.

"It is also necessary to consolidate the world community’s efforts against the use of information technology for criminal purposes," the Russian Security Council said. "A convention topical from the point of view of contemporary threats in cyberspace, which should be passed by the UN, should lay the legal groundwork."

A working group of BRICS cybersecurity experts has already discussed similar draft documents and has received approval, the Council said.

"Submitting those draft [documents] to the 73rd UN General Assembly this autumn will contribute to drawing up the legal framework with an aim of creating a system of international information security," the Security Council said.